Honored to be named the #1 Large Size Top Workplace by the Baltimore Sun in 2022!

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100% Commission Plan for $295 a month

Just over 15 years ago I set out to create a different kind of brokerage. My mission for Cummings & Co. Realtors was to create a place where I could build long term relationships with my Associates and give them a better opportunity for greater professional and financial success. It’s what I want for myself, and for those who share my commitment for this business.

I focused on building a culture of collaboration and support among the agents and everyone involved in the brokerage. My philosophy of staying positive and keeping things streamlined and simple for everyone within the company has attracted seasoned, full-time professionals who are self-motivated and eager to take their careers to the next level. My position has always been to concentrate on quality not quantity in every aspect of the business. If you are considering a change or just want to meet to learn more about the company please feel free to email me at dave@cummingsrealtors.com.

Thanks  -Dave Cummings

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  • Ten Premier Convenient Offices
  • One Key Gives You Access to all Locations
  • Monthly Business Development Meeting
  • Licensed in MD - PA - DE - DC - VA
  • Online Escrow Deposit Portal For Buyers
  • Agent Websites
  • Non-competing Broker
  • 100% Agent Listing Lead Capture
  • Free Listing Presentation Folders
  • Free Cummings & Co. Folders
  • Collaborative Team Environment
  • Brian Buffini Training Courses
  • Transaction & Education Manager

All agents must be full time with a minimum of 2 years experience


The first agent to join Cummings & Co. over 10 years ago speaks to The Baltimore Sun about the brokerage’s #1 Ranking for mid-size Top Workplaces.

Dave Cummings speaks to the Baltimore Sun about leadership.


2022 Annual Summer Party

2022 Annual Holiday Party

"My only regret is that I didn’t do this five years ago," Goldman said.
"I guarantee you that I will work the rest of my career with Cummings."
-Joan Goldman, Baltimore Sun December 2016



What Our Agents Have to Say


Words truly cannot express what it is like to be part of the BEST, local, independently owned real estate company in Maryland! After 11 years in the real estate business and contemplating opening my own company, I initially decided to affiliate with Cummings & Co. Realtors due largely to their agent friendly 100% commission structure and very low fees. This generous structure has allowed me to re-invest directly back into my business to be able to provide more services and resources to my clients, without having to take on all of the legal liability of owning and managing my own brokerage. Dave Cumming's unrelenting desire to be the BEST isn’t just about his company, it’s about helping each and every one of his agents to be the BEST and most productive that they can be and he continues to explore and invest in the best ways to make this happen for all of his agents. My only regret is not joining this amazing company when I first heard about it!

-Mike Klijanowicz, Associate


From the moment I first met Dave I understood he was not the typical broker. Most brokerages are mostly out for the profit, not the people, whereas he truly cares about each and every individual who he deals with on a day to day basis. That's rare. Personally I love the positive energy I feel in all the offices, and especially with all the other Cummings agents I meet, as well as all the support staff. Again, a very rare combination, but being a part of Cummings & Co. was EXACTLY what I was looking for and I have truly enjoyed each and every day.

-Joan Goldman, Associate


As a full time agent for the last 19 years I have to say, moving to Cummings & Co. was a great decision! I approached Dave Cummings after knowing him and watching him work hard for years to build a respected firm that many of my close colleagues had joined. I worked for traditional large brokerages before and I have now found a boutique style company that provides not only a modern working environment and updated information but also a fantastic culture of professional agents that freely support one another. The locations of the offices are perfect for the range of my clientele, and I use them all regularly. Dave really sets the tone for the company, creating a space for us all to thrive and grow our business with a spirit of supreme professionalism and camaraderie!

-Christine Corbitt, Associate


The energy is all around us here at Cummings, and I am learning so much about new ways to build upon my 10+ years of experience. Making significantly more money than before is great, but I am also making better use of my time generating more business, enjoying the benefits of a more balanced life. Dave Cummings loves what he is doing, and his enthusiasm spreads to all of us working for him. The other agents at Cummings are motivated individuals who share their ideas that are working. The environment is alive, and the multiple offices have helped me widen my client base to new neighborhoods. What I think I love most however, is that Dave Cummings has a real knack for implementing good ideas into intelligent practices without a lot of fuss. Joining Cummings has opened my eyes to new ways of doing things. I love learning from the energetic, eclectic & experienced group of hard-working agents here. The offices are beautifully decorated and efficiently run. I believe I have joined the future of real estate.

-Mary Lynne Mullican, Associate


My move to Cummings & Co. has been the best business decision I've made since starting my real estate career in 1999. Dave Cummings shows his commitment to his agents every day, with unsurpassed responsiveness, an incredible network and support staff that allows him to get things done quickly and efficiently, and a willingness to expand to areas where his agents want to increase their market share. His commission structure puts more commission dollars in his agents' pockets while encouraging experienced agents to join the team, which helps Cummings & Co. maintain an excellent reputation. The corporate culture is one of cooperation, with colleagues helping one another with everything from contractor referrals to covering open houses. I couldn't be happier to be part of the Cummings & Co. family.

-Jaime Mason, Associate


Dave allows agents to run their own business. He is always available to answer questions and provide support. Commissions are paid quickly via direct deposit, plus the office is well run and organized. Both the City and County Offices are in A+ locations and provide a professional atmosphere for meeting clients and conducting settlements. The brokerage only hires full time, seasoned agents and there is no better set-up than Cummings & Co. Realtors.

-Tim Kenney, Associate


I’m an established REALTOR® with a client base that trusts my ability, appreciates my service, and refers me - not the logo on my card. I moved to Cummings & Co. Realtors in January 2011 and haven’t looked back. I closed more than twice as many transactions as my previous year, and I did it with a broker who is accessible, supportive, encouraging, and has a finger on the pulse of the market. Dave Cummings is forward thinking with a comprehensive understanding of what clients and what agents want. I’m thrilled to have made the move to Cummings & Co. Realtors and would encourage any serious agent to consider the same.

-Gigi Causey, Associate


Cummings & Co. really appealed to me – a locally owned brokerage with a fresh attitude. It has a casual, laidback feel but agents are very focused on their business. I work very hard for my clients and want to direct my earnings where I feel it is best for my business. If you know where your business comes from and you know how to work your business, Cummings is a great place to work. Dave is a great broker - he is accessible, responsive, and knowledgeable. I’m really glad I made the move, and my business is moving in the right direction, too.

-Jen Ward, Associate


This was by far the best career move I have made. I found that having a one on one relationship with the broker and owner was a great fit for me - the freedom to run my business the way I choose. Besides having the BEST compensation plan in the industry, Dave Cummings is always there for you, in an instant, when you need him. If you are looking to join a new brokerage, look no further!

-Mark Richa, Associate


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